Wednesday, May 2, 2012

La Luna Sonriente (the smiling moon)

My husband's big, beautiful family believes in making a wish every month when they see the moon "smile". The rules are very specific: it has to be a new moon, only one or two days into the cycle when the moon is just a sliver. 
Last week, I was happy to not only get to make a wish, but also to capture the smiling moon from the upstairs balcony of my home. I shot it through the railing, and I noticed a bonus: that's Jupiter underneath the smiling moon!

In keeping with the lunar theme, here are some of my moon-oriented jewelry, all of which I made by hand in my Las Vegas studio. Click on the captions to go to my Etsy shops for more details or to make a purchase.

The moon from the balcony of my house
Full Moon Fever ring
Promise Me the Moon and Stars bracelet
Moon Drops bracelet
Imagine adjustable ring

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