Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mars Needs Guitars!

The Hoodoo Gurus' sound catapults me right back to my childhood. A guy I was seriously crushing introduced them to me via an extremely eclectic mix tape that I'd give a whole lot to have back right now. It's one of those things that I never threw away, but somehow has vanished. ... or it's choking on dust in my parents' attic in a cardboard box alongside my Backstreet Boys t-shirt and KU Jayhawks baby bottle that I drank Big Red from when I thought I was infinitely cool. Sometimes, that Big Red was spiked from whatever I could find in my daddy's liquor cabinet, which may explain the loss of my beloved mix tape.

But I digress....

I am honored to be one of 101 local artists selected to paint a guitar to benefit Guitars for Autism Charity Drive. I'll be posting photo updates as the project progresses. This evening, I took it apart:

My newest adopted Nellie with the Fender box

Still intact

Ready to begin the transformation

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