Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The girl is crafty like ice is cold

... a lyric from one of my all-time favorite Beastie Boys songs. I have been alternating between rapping and moping the last few weeks after finding out about the death of MCA. Like many children of the '80s, I frightened my parents good and proper by blasting Check Your Head and Licensed to Ill at cataclysmic volumes. 

Oddly, my father, who thought rock-n-roll began and ended with The Doobie Brothers used to assume that anything I listened to had something to do with Twisted Sister. I'm not sure how he knew exactly who Twisted Sister was or why he associated them with me, but no matter... whatever I was listening to in my room had to be the youth-wasting Dee Snyder teaching me to skip school, get a tattoo and smoke in the boys' room. Oh, wait. That's Motley Crue. Well, it is to everyone but my dad. To him, it's got to be Twisted Sister.

I Wanna Rock bracelet in stainless steel and bass guitar string

Side view of I Wanna Rock bangle bracelet

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Feels so good being bad

Barbed Wire Love bracelet in sterling silver
Barbed Wire Love earrings in sterling silver
Barbed Wire Love ring in sterling silver

The Noose earrings in oxidized sterling silver

 Music inspires so much of what I do. This week, I have been working on some edgy but elegant pieces that feature pain as an element. My musical muse is the always provocative Rihanna and her sexy song S&M. These pieces will be available 6/8/12 at Crazy Daisy ROCKS! You know you like it like it, c'mon....!