Tuesday, December 10, 2013

As Time Goes By

It's been a year since I last logged into my blog. As I look at the date of the last post, I can't help but think about this last year and what has happened in my life.

Since this is a design and jewelry blog, I don't want to bum anybody out, so I'll keep it short. My beloved stepfather, who was a real father to me in every way, died January 4, 2013. Last Christmas was the final time I saw him awake. He was a little wobbly from his many health issues, but he was my dad, and he took joy in the time we spent together. For Christmas, I brought him a big bottle of his favorite single malt, and we watched football together, just like we always do. He was so thrilled that, at last, Sol and I were moving to Arizona the following month. As I was leaving, Dad sat on the sofa and held up two fingers and said "two weeks!" with his big beautiful grin.

January 3rd arrived with a frantic call from my mother that dad was in the hospital and the doctors were calling hospice to help. After an emotional night in hospice, he passed peacefully the next morning with Mom, Sol, and me at his side.

This past year found me with my mom nearly all the time. I took her with me to Las Vegas and we packed up our house and came to hers as we tried to work through our profound grief. I put the jewelry business totally aside and focused entirely on her. We spent five weeks overseas and became even closer as we toured the Holy Land, Italy and Greece with Dad never far from our thoughts. Sol was a true gem through the entire process, and definitely wins Husband Of The Year.

It's been nearly a year since Dad died. A couple of months ago, I reopened my two Etsy shops and got back to work doing what I love to do.

Dad was always so proud of me.

I love you Dad.

                                                                    Christmas 2012

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