About Melissa

Born and raised in the great state of Texas, I was raised to be passionate about only a few, sacred things: chicken-fried steak so big the sides fell off the plate, springtime wildflowers along the highway, the Dallas Cowboys, the Good Lord, and accessorizing. 
Creativity was in my cellular structure all my life - I was never without a sketchpad and pencil, unless I was out chasing boys or playing the flute, all creative endeavors. I hammered out terrible, angst-riddled poetry that only the young and inexperienced would find deep and meaningful. During book reports, I spent 80% of my energy and time on the illustration that I tacked to the back of my paper. I daydreamed of playing jazz flute in a tiny smoky bar deep within film-noir country (take that Ron Burgundy - I thought of it first!).
Since 2005, my focus has been on crafting beautiful jewelry inspired by the incredible world around us. I own two Etsy shops, each very different, but both with the desire to bring joy to the wearer. I handmade precious metal and gemstone jewelry, original acrylic and water color paintings, belt buckles, and other accessories. I’m also working on a new line of shredded and reconstructed t-shirts and rock-n-roll clothing and accessories for Crazy Daisy ROCKS.
I have an incredible husband, who more than supports me in my work. I am humbled to be able to create for a living, and my greatest wish is that my pieces find happy homes and are treasured for years to come.
My husband and I share our home with two stray cats and a rescue dog. We also spend much of our free time working with the Senior Spaniel Rescue Inc. of Las Vegas, NV. We take in Springer Spaniels over the age of 7 and place them in loving forever homes.
A portion of all my sales goes to this loving and worthy organization. Please visit us at http://www.seniorspaniels.org

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  1. Hey, Melissa! Long time, no hear. Glad all is well with you! Take care and Merry Christmas!